Hi, welcome to my blog! My name is Sruti Bhagavatula and I’m a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Computer Science. This/last summer (2017), two friends and I visited Japan. I studied Japanese for two years in undergrad and all three of us are lovers of Japanese anime, music, movies/dramas, and the language, which made the experience the best possible trip ever!  Bonus points for me because it was the first long-term and international trip I’ve ever taken with friends. 🙂

For the first week of my trip, I went with my friend Aditi, one of my oldest and closest friends from school in Bangalore. We visited Tokyo, Chigasaki, Osaka, and Kyoto. Aditi also studied Japanese in college.

For the second week of my trip, one of my closest friends Aparna (my former roommate) flew in from Seattle to join me. We visited Kyoto (+Nara, Kobe), Hakone, and Tokyo (round-trip for me). Aparna taught herself a bit of Japanese a while ago and has picked up some things from watching anime and dramas.

I’ve been writing this blog at an excruciatingly slow snail’s pace over the past year since September 2017, so bear with me. A lot of it is just blabbering but I do hope it’s fun-to-read blabber. You might want to read the posts in order (and spread over time) if you want to keep track of all the themes. 🙂

So read on here about our awesome trip!